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The Strong Link Inc. (TSL) works with small, medium & large industry and academic partners to enable business leaders to develop the competencies needed to execute, transition and scale.


​TSL brings together over 130 leaders across multiple industries to instruct, mentor and coach real-time insights to enable client operations.​


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Developing Grit Proven, Resilient, Adaptive Leaders.

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The Ascend Leader Development (ALD) program is focused on enabling leaders to drive a measurable, sustainable enhancement in their leadership capability & performance.


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Industry-Led Courses

TSL leverages industry-led instruction grounded in a design thinking approach to craft, deliver and measure impact-driven courses. Bringing together over 130+ senior leaders from tier-1 businesses world wide - our content conceptualizes current lessons learned, best practices and insight. Using this approach TSL has maintained a 95% relevance impact score across our course offerings - as assessed by business leader participants. We have created courses for businesses, industry associations and a variety of academic clients.


TSL Leadership Mentorship Program

The TSL Mentorship Program program utilizes group-based feedback, leveraging the TSL leadership archetype to develop a measurable improvement in your leadership skills - as assessed by your superiors and subordinates. This program enables obstacle breakthroughs, strengthens key-stakeholder relationships, while increasing knowledge and skill foundations. We focus on developing leaders capable of excelling within an industry 4.0 environment, utilizing adaptive leadership and design thinking methodologies.


TSL Business Unit Project Mentorship Program

The TSL Business Unit Mentorship Program sees participants obtain industry-led mentorship using an Effect-Based-Operation approach. This approach works to maximize stakeholder engagement, increased autonomy, and decentralized decision-making to enable impact-driven execution sprints. Examples of TSL projects have resulted in increased production efficiency, increased cross-training of skills, lean adoption, on-time process completion, operational equipment effectiveness - to name a few.

Contact us to learn about our current course offerings, and or how we can leverage our industry-led approach to craft tailored learning solutions for your organization.



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  • Situational Leadership

  • Behavioural Leadership

  • Adaptive Leadership

  • Critical Communication Skills

  • Mentorship

  • Micro-Mentorship

  • Coaching

  • Building Conflict-Constructive Teams 

  • Conflict Management

  • Stress Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Leadership Character Development

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  • Building Operational Resilience

  • Business Unit Operation

  • Learner Development

  • Optimizing Daily Shift Executio􏰄n

  • Simple Project Management Execution􏰄

  • Current & Future Management Skills & Development

  • Current & Evolving Performance Management Techniques

  • Cross-Functional Skil􏰃l Planning & Development

  • Intent Execution

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  • Systematic Problem Solving

  • Design Thinking

  • Enhancing Frontline Management Resilience

  • Anatomy of High-Performance Teams

  • Effect-Based Operations

  • Project Management

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Disruption Mitigation and Management

  • Risk Management

  • Executing within a Digitized Work Center

  • Transition and Execution

  • Digitized Management

  • LEAN Manufacturing

  • Pivoting & Scaling Operations

  • Contingency Planning

  • Sustainability Management

  • Green Manufacturing

Digi Tech icon.png

Digital Technologies

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES􏰈)

  • Cyber Security

  • Digital Transformation Strategies

  • Augmented & Mixed Reality Utility within Manufacturing and Education􏰄

  • Automation Management Systems

  • Enhanced Virtual Instruction & Delivery Methods

  • Automation & Robotics

  • Artificial Intelligence


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We sit down with industry leaders to talk about their stories, lessons learned, best practices and how we can make an impact.



Join us for our quarterly, tailored, virtual networking sessions. We tailor breakout rooms with individuals who best suit your career progression. We then wind down the event hearing from senior leaders in industry world-wide, sharing insights on a prevalent leadership topic.


Congratulations on running such a great program! I have participated in many similar programs over the years and this is one of the best I have seen. You are making a real difference for the students!
Dave Hyem, Vice President, Boeing
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