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We sit down with industry leaders to talk about their stories, lessons learned, best practices and how we can make an impact.


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Join us on September 26th, 2022 for our next tailored virtual networking event with guest speaker Filipa Hoppenbrouwers, Vice President of Production Logistics at UD Trucks. 



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McMaster’s Industry Operations Leadership and Management program is an industry-led training program designed to enable industry business leaders to develop and execute high-performance industry teams.


Industry Group Mentorship Program

This program utilizes group-based feedback, leveraging the TSL leadership archetype to develop a measurable improvement in your leadership skills - as assessed by your superiors and subordinates. We focus on developing leaders capable of excelling within an industry 4.0 environment.

Under Development

New Hire Operations Manager Workshop

This workshop enables industry work center managers & supervisors to leverage digital leadership, LEAN principles, and floor management system digital tools that they can utilize to enhance operations execution efficiency at their businesses/organizations.


Snap Networking & Speaker Sessions

This quarterly event is open to invited industry professionals and mentors, speakers, and business leader participants on McMaster's Industry Operations Leadership & Management program. 


We intend to facilitate diverse, tailored, pre-arranged group networking sessions and engaging insight, with industry leaders.

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McMaster University
Veteran Industry Operations Management Transition Course

A professional course, tailored for transitioned veterans, to leverage current leadership & execution skills, while closing industry skill & knowledge gaps, to enable competitive, capable, driven industry operations, managers & supervisors. 

Under Development

McMaster University
Graduate Student Industry Operations Management Training Program

An industry-led professional course designed to enable graduate-level students to gain a working understanding of industry operations, floor management systems, shift execution, and working within industry teams.

Under Development


The Strong Link Inc. works with small, medium & large industry and academic partners to enable business leaders to develop the digital, operational, leadership, and management competencies needed to transition and scale within an Industry 4.0 context.

We engage and connect business unit leaders across multiple industries to share, learn, and derive real-time insights to enable their operations.​

We work to enable scalable operations-led, high-performance industry operations, meeting the challenges of workforce development, sustainability and advanced technology integration.


Industry Leaders Trained 


Senior Industry Leaders Instructors & Mentors


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"The Professors and Guest Speakers have a great balance between academic and practical experience, providing useful and practical tools and techniques to transfer the acquired knowledge into immediate action. In my particular case as a Plant Manager at Tesla, understanding the Industry 4.0 environment, and the upcoming trends and technologies in manufacturing is providing me with a different perspective to better understand the challenges that my team and I are and will be facing"
Leonardo Guerrero, Plant Manager, Tesla
McMaster University's Industry Operations Leadership & Management Program