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New Hire Manager Workshop

Workshop Aim

The aim of the Industry Tactical Operations Execution workshop is to enable industry workcenter managers & supervisors to leverage the principles of digital leadership, build visual management & digital tools that they can utilize to enhance operations execution efficiency at their businesses/organizations.


  • Digital leadership 4.0.

  • Principles of industry business unit execution.

  • Employee learner maturity assessment.

  • Execution principles of a balanced scorecard.

  • Workcenter visual & digital management tools.

  • Leveraging digital tools to automate redundant & repetitive tasks.

  • Conduct of a leadership team back brief on a daily plan.

  • Conduct of a team daily morning meeting.

  • End shift check-In.

  • Conduct an end milestone after-action review to drive continuous improvement.


  • 􏰂 Create visual management & digital tools tailored to their workcenters to enhance personal & team execution efficiency􏰀.

  •  Receive coaching and feedback to enable concise, clear briefings􏰀.

  • 􏰂Create personal tools to conduct, capture and drive continuous improvement within their teams.

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